Advertising Services

Universal Magazines works to bring the highest-quality and best-value advertising products to our clients. For a full range of advertising options available at Universal Magazines please see below.

To find out about advertising opportunities please visit the relevant magazine’s website or alternatively contact us directly on +61 2 9805 0399.


Magazine brand advertisements are the most popular form of print advertising as it is a proven way to build awareness of your business within the relevant market.

Apart from the design of your advertisement, the size and placement of your ad are the main things to consider. These factors will enhance the effectiveness of your message.  Frequency is another essential element to consider. The greater the repetition of your message the easier it will be for your customers to recall.

Why magazines?

•    Magazines are read by an increasing number of consumers in Australia
•    Magazines cannot be muted when the ads come on.
•    Readers do not switch to another magazine when they come across an ad.
•    Magazines are kept and re-read and passed on to family and friends.
•    Magazine readers are qualified before they even open the first page. This is particularly true in niche titles.
•    Readers of niche and special-interest titles are in the market for your service or product.

Advertorial products present your business’s message in an editorial style. By industry standards pure editorial is valued at 3 times the value of an advertisement. Editorial can never be guaranteed. Access this high-value opportunity to reach and connect with your market through advertorial products.

Unique and compelling advertorial products are available across a range of Universal titles and can be run across both print and online mediums.

Promotional ideas cover a wide range of creative options from running in-magazine and online competitions and give-aways to larger marketing stunts and campaigns. These are industry favourites, generating leads for your business and raising the profile and awareness of your business.

Promotion concepts are frequently created by our creative teams to meet a client’s brief. They can be run across all of Universal’s print and online products.

Standard display ads remain a popular form of online advertising. Most ad units in Universal websites are IAB compliant and range from leader board banner ads to m-rec banners and smaller tile advertisements. Standard display ads are purchased on a per duration basis.

Enhanced Display Ads:

Marketers can also opt for next-generation high-impact ad products to enhance the exposure of their brand and take advantage of unique online capabilities.

1. Standard display ad options
Can be easily enhanced by adding Flash or Java to your advertisement for no extra cost.

2. Website Skins
This high-impact branding opportunity wraps your advertisement around the available space surrounding each web page including the homepage.

3. Share of Voice
Marketers can also choose to purchase display advertising on a ‘share of voice’ basis taking greater tenancy of ad spaces over an entire Universal Magazines site or a number of relevant sites.  This increases the exposure and impact of the brand to the websites visitors and increases the number of touch points to connect with the advertisers business.

Video is an exciting and compelling way to engage users and bring campaigns to life while delivering your message.  Video advertising is available across a number of Universal Magazines sites.

Your video or TVC can either run as a standalone item showing on a select or a range of pages, or it can run in premium content featuring on our sites created for the relevant audience.

Video continues to be some of the most popular content viewed and visited online.

Universal Magazines has a range of packages covering production and imbedding of videos. Contact us today to learn more.

Universal Magazines has a number of opt-in email lists linked to our strong magazine brands allowing you to directly access these markets. Recipients of our e-newsletters await these regular communications coming from the editorial teams that they know and trust and regularly interact with the stories and content within.

Marketers can either place a brand advertisement inside a regular e-news communication or access the list privately for a higher fee and send out their own communication to these highly targeted and engaged users. Both options can be interactive and carry video.

Creative EDM’s with a strong call to action are known for their strong lead-generation potential.  EDM’s are also a great way to send out an invitation, conduct surveys, distribute a brochure, promote a competition,  and drive users to visit your website or social media page.

Universal’s e-news brands include:

1.    Pets
2.    Outdoor Design Source
3.    Complete Home
4.    Wellbeing
5.    Bargain Shoppers Melbourne
6.    Bargain Shoppers Sydney
7.    Eatstreets
8.    Luxury Home Design
9.    Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly
10.    Poolside
11.    Road Rider
12.    Complete Wedding
13.    Complete Craft
14.    Quilters Companion
15.    Country Collections
16.    Beading
17.    Scrapbook Creations
18.    Homespun
19.    Dogs Life

Send your message by mail to a large number of people and households segmented by particular interests. Categories include:

  • Home
  • Outdoor
  • Health
  • Craft
  • Pet care
  • Motorbikes
  • Automotive
  • Lifestyle & family

In 2007, Universal Magazines established Universal Creative to assist our valued clients devise creative marketing solutions to help them cut through the crowd. Creative solutions strengthen the links between advertisers and their markets, utilising our experience with and knowledge of the tastes and needs of readers and our understanding of how magazine advertising best communicates with readers.

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Universal’s stand-out online marketing solution has been the Premium Listing Packages available across a number of sites. PLP’s are content-rich category homepages featuring a maximum of 10 clients in prime positions on the page, designed to ensure high click rates to each advertiser’s main page.

The limited number of positions available increases the likelihood of each advertiser’s page being visited. The package includes placement in a Flash box rotating on the homepage and a click-through to a dedicated advertiser page hosting the company logo, optional embedded video, a section of 10 fast facts on the business, up to five product images, a 400-word company overview, five product profiles, links to the company’s website and other contact details.

On a range of Universal’s websites you can demonstrate the story of your business or a new product with high impact text and images to our visitors using a ‘Click for More’. Your business’s information is presented in an editorial style on our website in relevant sections and in highly visible areas to encourage users to learn more about your business and its marketing message.   Full contact details are also included.