Export, Licensing and Syndication

Export Sale of Australian Editions:

Universal has been an active exporter since its inception, with magazines on sale in 18 countries around the world. You can find copies of all our bestselling titles on newsstands in North America, Asia, Europe and other communities.

Licensing of Established Brands for Publication Overseas:

Universal has also published several foreign-language editions of our craft and home magazines for different markets.

Our licensing packages offer a rare degree of flexibility and as a result are an easy solution for publishers looking to expand quickly.

Syndication Sale of Stories and Images: 

Universal has been syndicating stories and images since 2001 and has developed a strong list in the homemaker and craft areas.

If you are interested in publishing any of our branded magazines or purchasing content, contact Janice Williams on:

(02) 9887 0316
(02) 9887 0316