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Yoga Experience 

The 2016 lifestyle annual

 Yoga is a lifestyle. It is also a massive community, with more than 660,000 Australians partaking in some form of yoga practice regularly. In fact, more Australian’s participate in yoga than they do AFL or fishing!

For this community of yoga lovers, the team at WellBeing magazine has created Yoga Experience — the annual companion for your yoga practice. Yoga Experience will help you go deeper, learn more about the philosophy and physical practice, and plan your yoga year.

Beautifully written and designed, this 162-page publication is designed to help practitioners discover more ways with yoga, whether it’s starting out in a gym, dipping in and out for a lifetime, ending up at an ashram in India or simply finding a practice that keeps them going until old age.

The Yoga Experience explores the philosophy of yoga in a refreshing way, with modern lifestyles in mind. It also offers 14 articles that demonstrate with step-by-step imagery how yoga can help with common lifestyle issues, from managing fears and conflict to dealing with headaches and poor posture. It even offers a guide to achieving better sex through yoga!

“Yoga is an ancient practice that never fails to offer something new to learn,” says WellBeing editor, Danielle Kirk. “We’re thrilled to be offering a companion publication to help curious people grow by expanding their understanding of yoga and how it can help them in their daily lives.”

Yoga Experience will publish on October 8and be available in all good newsagencies, bookstores and online for $14.95. It would make a great Christmas present, New Year motivator or simply an indulgent gift “for me”.


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