Announcing Eat Well – The new magazine, app and health-loving food community from WellBeing

As we all start 2015 with New Year’s food resolutions, a new magazine, app and healthy food-loving community has been announced that will help you manage your health and eat well all year-round.

So, what is the best way to eat well and take care of your health?

“We know our readers are busy so we take a completely different approach,” says editor, Terry Robson. “Put simply, the best path to a healthy food plan is the path that you personally can commit to. It probably isn’t extreme, it probably oozes freshness and it probably has flavour at heart because, ultimately, we all really love to eat well…

“Our philosophy at Eat Well is to put PLEASURE first. TASTE is the guiding principle in preparing fresh food that you’ll keep returning to,” says Terry. “If you keep returning, then you’ll have a healthy food regime for life.

“Our approach is completely different in that it acknowledges the working week, offering weekday meals that will nourish and sustain you and weekend meals that are more communal and celebratory.

“We understand how food is prepared in typical homes: kid’s lunches are prepared on the fly, so we offer some great tasty cheats; the office worker’s lunch is often recycled from yesterday’s dinner, so our meals are designed with an awesome leftover strategy. We also observe how readers dip in and out of information. Our reading material is short and ‘snackable’, because it is the quick things you learn that stick.”

Life’s short. Outsource your food plan to people who love healthy, good food.

If you stopped buying recipe magazines years ago because they’re full of time-consuming recipes you can’t make or eat, or don’t want to, then try Eat Well!

10 success factors for Eat Well

  • A simultaneous app and mag launch — mag for inspiration, app for shopping list. We know our audience consists of busy people so we are giving them everything they need to eat well: recipes, shopping lists and quick ideas.
  • Supported by supermarkets.
  • Supported by social media.
  • Supported by a direct marketing strategy — 162,500 women aged 25+ on our database.
  • From a trusted and growing brand — WellBeing.
  • More than 70 recipes per edition.
  • Freshness, vibrancy and taste! Eat Well is a mag, app and community that offers a healthy approach to good food. TASTE every page as you flick through … delicious!
  • Eat Well knows you are busy and understands that weekday food is different from weekend food. We provide readers with quick, tasty meal solutions … in one pot, fast, with a great leftover plan for lunch tomorrow.
  • ONLY covers healthy food — outsource your meal planning to passionate people who care.
  • Provides you with the best of a passionate community of chefs, home cooks and bloggers. You’re tapping into a heap of wisdom from renowned chefs, influential bloggers and caring home cooks. You can share your wisdom, too, we’re a COMMUNITY.

Who is behind Eat Well?

Eat Well is from real people who care about the food you eat.

As you begin reading the magazine, you’ll encounter regular tips from the chefs and bloggers that have helped us put each issue together. They impart their first-hand experience and, as the story unfolds, you’ll get a sense that our chefs really do care about good food and health. Too often, we’ve seen these as separate entities but in the real world, they belong together.

Chefs are busy people with busy lives — like you, they can’t smear duck fat on every potato but they do enjoy a fresh coriander and papaya, barramundi salad on the run.

Eat Well is brought to you by the team at WellBeing magazine, a team dedicated to healthy living and passionate about good food. The WellBeing connection gives us an authoritative background from which to talk about the health benefits of good eating. WellBeing is science-based and fad-free.

Eat Well editor, Terry Robson, is devoted to fresh food, even when preparing snacks for the kids. Terry appears on radio Australia-wide every week discussing health, food and diet, and is offering a whole-new approach to food with Eat Well.

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