Australian Cruiser & Trike magazine gets FAT & wins new audience

Australian Cruiser & Trike magazine

gets FAT & wins new audience

We are pleased to announce that Cruiser & Trike Vol. 6 No. 6 (publishing in December) will be sporting a brand-new look and feel — and will be our FATTEST ISSUE ever!

Cruiser & Trike communicates so well to the passionate community around it, that the magazine has become a collector’s item. So we’re giving it the packaging it deserves.

As of Vol. 6 No. 6, Cruiser & Trike will be:

  • Thicker-quality art stock
  • The look you love, with a newer and fresher approach to editorial
  • A proud magazine of long Aussie rides

This will ensure it will stand out at retail and enhance its collectability.

Cruiser & Trike App Store downloads exceed 14.7K

Cruiser & Trike has surpassed all expectations in Apple’s App store hitting 14.7K downloads this year.

The publication is sold in a number of digital stores, but has really hit its straps in the biggest one — Apple’s App Store. “The App Store is giving us access to a different market,” says editor, Mick Withers. “These readers are not necessarily going to news agency retail but they are high-spending tech heads with an interest in cruisers.”

Get involved with Cruiser & Trike today

Vol. 6 No. 6 goes into design next week. All ads are served in both print and digital editions.

If you are yet to reserve your space, contact Jon Van Daal on 02 9887 0347.