Good Organic Gardening magazine exceeds 30,000 downloads!

Good Organic Gardening has reached 33,100 new readers this year, thanks to wide distribution of its digital edition, including on the App Store.

The publication also has more than 3000 additional readers downloading digital editions from other online sources such as Nook and Zinio.

Good Organic Gardening magazine has more digital channels than any other gardening magazine on the market today,” says publisher Janice Williams.

“We were an early adopter of this space so have built momentum over time. The fact is that gardeners are just as likely to read a magazine on their iPads as they are in print form. Plus, with tablets, we have the added benefit of being able to communicate with them via notifications.”

Good Organic Gardening readers appreciate timely, seasonal information,” says Williams. “They constantly update and buy any special editions we produce. This is digital marketing at its best — personal and relevant.”

A big year for Good Organic Gardening

The achievement of more than 30,000 digital downloads follows a strong year for Good Organic Gardening magazine.

The publication ran some very successful retail promotions for the print edition in spring/summer and has increased supply to the retail channel for three consecutive editions.

More than 4500 votes have been received in the inaugural Good Organic Gardening People’s Choice Garden Idea Awards with winners to be announced soon. These awards are promoted in conjunction with, Australia’s largest home and garden makeover portal.


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