Media Release – WellBeing Magazine Turns 30!

WellBeing magazine turns 30

Thirty years ago on the 19th June, WellBeing magazine came into … well … being. Following a year of growth and some great readership figures, this anniversary tells us something about Australians — we will always find time for reading that is authentic, refreshing and meaningful.

“One of the things to celebrate about WellBeing is the fact that, while maintaining an essential integrity, it continues to evolve. The magazine is a living thing in itself, fed by its many caring contributors and readers. As we celebrate 30 years of WellBeing, we also celebrate each and every person in the WellBeing community who makes it the ongoing positive force that it is,” comments editor, Terry Robson.

A good read taps into the vein of awesome
Publisher, Janice Williams, says, “WellBeing gives me a sense of connection and uplift that is hard to find. Reading time is precious so you might as well tap in to the vein of awesome”.

WellBeing offers a unique mix of psychology, nature, travel, health, beauty, home, community, great minds and inspiration. WellBeing is different — it is one of the few publications available today that directly engages with the concept of soul. The magazine proudly explores ancient traditions while keeping its mind in the science and its feet firmly on the ground. The feeling it leaves you with is one of inspiration.

Who reads WellBeing?
According to the March 2014 Enhanced Media Metrics Australia readership survey, WellBeing recently reached 191,000 average readers per issue.

Readers are mostly female, aged 30+; however, the magazine’s Gen Y fan base is growing, most likely due to its social and online media presence.

Expansion for the WellBeing Media Group in 2014

“WellBeing is a magazine for the times. It offers inspiration for a way of life that is authentic and soulful, regardless of medium,” says Ms Williams. “WellBeing publishes in print, digital, online, eNews, Google News and various social media platforms, which have all brought new readers to the WellBeing community.” Earlier this year, the group expanded its product range with the formation of MoonBird Studio — a new genre of paper-based giftware.


About Universal Magazines

WellBeing is published by the Universal WellBeing Group at Universal Magazines. In addition to being Australia’s largest targeted publisher, Universal Magazines specialises in helping marketers find targeted audiences via print and online media. Universal’s 40 magazine titles include leaders in the home, craft, bike and lifestyle categories, plus 12 targeted web portals. Universal Magazines owns the Australian Publishing Company and Universal Online Media, and is an independently owned private company.


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