New! The Esoteric Almanac 2016

What is the ancient esoteric art of prediction if not a way to pause, reflect and consider the future from a soul-centred point of view?

The Esoteric Almanac takes the view that this pause and process is of value, no matter what tool you use for navigation – Rune Casting, Dreamtime Astrology, Numerology or Tarot. The predictive tools handed down through the ages provide a different access point; they are not about planning future goals, but rather invite the user to draw on the self as the point of departure in defining them.

The Esoteric Almanac references a range of ancient traditions that put the self at the centre and give you a refreshingly different viewpoint.  The publishers have chosen modalities that often sit alongside western astrology or are used in a manner that is complementary and may reveal something new. They include Numerology, Rune Casting, Australian Dreamtime Astrology, Ancient Egyptian Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Tarot, Native American Astrology, to name a few. The suggestion is that one or more will speak to you in a way that is personal and revelatory. It is a fascinating and all-embracing way to look at life, the future and how we fit in.

“It is easy to become trapped in a self-perpetuating narrative in your mind that fails to move you forward,” said Editor Terry Robson. “The wisdom contained in these pages can shine that impartial light for you. We hope the Esoteric Almanac will help people find a new perspective and companionship for the journey.”

With the Esoteric Almanac you will:

  • Experience how Tantric Numerology uses your birth date to generate Soul, Mirror, Gift, Challenge and Path numbers to apply in Kundalini Yoga.
  • Enjoy the frank and free attributes of Aboriginal Totems – Bandicoot people have strong intuition, while Emus are despondent and gossiping.
  • Discover the fascinating role of the sun and moon in Dreamtime Astrology.
  • Master the Chinese years – expect changes in China as with the volatile Fire Yang Monkey.
  • Grasp an understanding of the Gods and Goddesses that stem from Ancient Babylonian times.
  • Learn how Esoteric Astrology, with its base in Trans-Himalayan wisdom and its seven ray system, is considered to be an emerging paradigm in Astrology.


Editor Terry Robson has assembled a stellar crew of experts to produce this beautifully illustrated annual edition: Milton Black, Ruth Phillips, Guru Dass, Kelly Surtees, Kylie Terraluna, Dennis Flaherty, Molly Talbot and Jeanni Monks.

For each of the 10 ancient systems, the publication offers:

  • A description of the method
  • Characteristics and timeframes for the main signposts
  • Overview of 2016 for each sign
  • Overview of 2016 as a year according to the system

The Esoteric Almanac 2016 is available from all good newsagencies, bookstores and online. 

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