Now on Limitless Projects & Limitless Discoverability for all Premium Listing Customers seeking Premium Audience

Now on, Premium Listing customers are not only given premium discoverability, but can load a limitless number of projects online.

“On you get a premium audience and you don’t have to compete with a whole bunch of cheaper offerings,” said Commercial Manager Martin White. “By adding as many projects as you like you can really distinguish your business from the others and make a great showcase of your work. If you have a premium service you need to make a premium statement by showing what you can do. Our Limitless Projects offering is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get more business from the site and focus on quoting quality jobs.”

A big year for

This latest innovation follows a year of development for, which has included:

  • Suggestive Project Display – The site has a facility to observe what consumers are looking at and suggest examples or projects and ideas that suit.
  • Design Upgrade – The upgraded design includes galleries of ideas that are relevant and highly ‘flick-through-able’.
  • Better Social Media Integration – Home projects involve several family members, so projects and ideas are now easily shared via Facebook or Pinterest albums.
  • More Experts – offers more expert voices than any other home website. The site has the scoop on media houses – it covers all the best homes from quality magazines, and even ideas from TV shows like The Block.
  • 6 Eye-Training Project eNewsletters – People with kitchen projects want to see kitchen ideas, people with home projects want to see homes, people with backyard projects want to see backyards – we now offer six custom eNewsletter options that promise to help draw your eye to new trends and ideas before you start shopping.

“We are the site for DIFM (‘Do-It-For-Me’) consumers and will keep our focus on the quality of the material that we present,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “We curate our content – it’s not about offering the cheapest stuff, but about demonstrating solutions, showing what the experts say, and giving you contact points that are useful.”

About is the ‘Do-It-For-Me’ Home Portal of Universal Magazines. The site offers home ideas, information and advice in 10 verticals, plus blogs, and several eNews services.

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