Outdoor Design Source is now publishing the Parks & Leisure Journal

Universal Magazines, publisher of the iconic Outdoor Design Source, is proud to announce it will be taking over the publication of the Parks & Leisure Journal in 2015. The company has been commissioned by Parks & Leisure Australia (PLA) who sees the development of the journal as part of its 50-point growth plan for the next three years.

The Outdoor Design Source team is working with PLA members to raise the journal to a new level of professionalism and expand its reach to the entire Outdoor Design Source network.

“The parks and leisure field is growing and of critical importance to users of Outdoor Design Source,” said publishing manager, Emil Montibeler. “By taking on the Parks & Leisure Journal, we are able to provide our audience with a more in-depth approach to the multi-disciplinary aspects of public spaces, as well as reach a broader audience for the Parks & Leisure Journal.

“Public health and wellbeing is high on the agenda of all levels of government,” said Montibeler. “We are excited that with the PLA, we can deliver to its members, and those of affiliated disciplines, the latest news and developments within the sector.”

Expanded distribution

The journal currently reaches members of Parks & Leisure Australia and the New Zealand Recreation Association. As of April 2015, it will be published in both print and digital formats and will be marketed to the 28,000+ Outdoor Design Source network database members. This strategy ensures the publication will cover all disciplines associated with parks and leisure development. In short, the new journal will reach “the people behind the places”.

Why now?

The parks and leisure industry is growing rapidly in Australia, primarily due to higher expectations from citizens in urban environments. This opportunity comes at a time that the PLA, as the peak body for parks and leisure professionals, is taking a proactive stance in both B2B and B2C marketing for the parks and leisure industry.

Quick facts

  • Quarterly print and digital publication — April, July, October, December.
  • Reach potential of more than 10,000 individuals who are park and leisure professionals.
  • Engage them via the journal that matters — target everyone who has influence in the supply chain.
  • Take a multi-disciplinary approach — giving advertisers access to professionals who are influential in the supply chain across many levels.

For further information, phone:

NSW – Emil Montibeler: 0411 424 335

QLD – Antonia Bewley: 0418 424 410

VIC – Pilar Danlag: 0414 468 243

VIC – John Oliver: 0417 316 820

SA – Sandy Shaw: 0418 806 696

WA – Bonnie Sullivan: 0407 072 325