Press Release: Announcing the Rapid Bikes Yearbook for 2014/15

We are pleased to announce that Rapid Bikes No. 94, on sale December 18, will be the magazine’s yearbook for 2014/15. Editor, Jeff Ware, and crew will be doing a retrospective of the hottest new and custom bikes, products, people and moments that made 2014 the turbocharged year it has been. They will also be casting an eye over the things they’re excited about in the performance, naked, custom and racing bike world for 2015.

Get involved in the Rapid Bikes Yearbook

If there was one edition to make sure you don’t miss out on, it’s the yearbook edition.

  • Yearbooks typically sell 30% more copies than a standard edition and are accompanied by an extended on-sale period as well as promotional support.
  • Yearbooks bring back casual readers and win new ones.
  • Yearbooks at this time of year capture readers with high intentions — “This is the year I’ll fix the bike, sort the suspension and try the track…”

If you’re already booked in, ask about our Supersize pack — you can double your ad size in this issue for only 25% extra. If you’re not already booked, we’re here to help.

2014 — A BIG year for Rapid Bikes

The Rapid Bikes Yearbook caps off a year of expansion for the magazine brand. Rapid Bikes has acquired 4000 digital subscribers, launched an eNewsletter and published a series of special editions. Jeff Ware, Australia’s pre-eminent motorcycle journalist, has also produced a number of collectable book products for the brand, including The Classic Motorcycle, which arrives just in time for Christmas 2014.

“Our audience, our product range and our touch points have grown in 2014, so we are looking forward to focusing our core editorial strengths on performance-related topics and adopting a new world-best standard in 2015,” said publisher, Janice Williams. “No other magazine offers its readers the technical depth, knowledge and focus that the Rapid Bikes editorial team does. As more people discover (or rediscover) the excitement of performance motorcycling, we are set for an equally high-revving 2015.”

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