Press Release – Do you plan to target people undergoing home projects this spring? Home Design does.

Do you plan to target people undergoing

home projects this spring? Home Design does.

With a year of good growth behind it, Home Design has planned an aggressive series of promotions to reach even more people this spring/summer.

The promotional campaign is designed to expand the audience of “people with projects” reached by the magazine.

The spring/summer promotions include:

  • Home Design Vol. 17 No. 3, publishing in June, has the ultimate eye-candy front cover and will be pushed heavily in independent retail stores.
  • Home Design Vol. 17 No. 4, publishing in August, will receive special promotions in BIG W and Target stores.
  • Home Design Vol. 17 No. 5 and Home Design Vol. 17 No. 6 fall right in the middle of the spring home shopping season. Watch for our promotions in the App Store.
  • Home Design’s Design & Decoration Special Edition publishes in October and will be a bumper issue.
  • Home Design Vol. 18 No. 1 Collectors Edition will be promoted extensively in all retail channels with a FREE DESIGNER GIFT.

Are you capitalising on the current market?

HIA data on the home market has been positive all year. In May, the HIA forecasted that renovation activities were to increase by eight per cent by the end of 2014. If you have not yet planned sufficient advertising to cover this market, then contact one of our sales consultants below.

About Home Design’s print & digital packages

Home Design forms part of the Home Design Media Group at Universal Magazines – Australia’s largest publisher of home-related media products. The company specialises in producing research media – used by consumers to research for particular home projects – and has considerable database assets in this area linked together via the digital strategy. Other media in the network include the portal, reaching 80,000 visitors per month in search of home ideas, Completheome eNews, which reaches 40,000+ consumers undergoing home projects, and Home Design & Interior eNews. Our print and digital combo packages are the best in the market.


To plan your opportunities in the home market, please contact

Julie Jackson NSW &QLD – 0411 424 072

Suzy Rashoo VIC – 0419 564 960

Sandy Shaw SA – 0418 806 696

Bonnie Sullivan WA – 0407 072 325