Retro & Classic Bike Enthusiast magazine gains 11.1K new readers!

The internet is a world of passions… whatever you’re into, you can find it digitally. That’s how Retro & Classic Bike Enthusiast found 11.1K new readers this year!

Since it went digital in the App Store direct, Retro & Classic Bike Enthusiast has been downloaded more than 11,000 times. The publication also has more than 4000 additional readers downloading digital editions from other stores such as Nook and Zinio.

“Together, the Retro & Classic Bike Enthusiast audience and the Cruiser & Trike audience are among the most engaged readers we [Universal Magazines] have. They constantly update and buy all special editions we produce. This is digital marketing at its best — personal and relevant.” says publisher Janice Williams.

“Digital has also proven that fairly specialist bike magazines such as Retro & Classic Bike Enthusiast can find new readers quickly if in the right places. The number of readers in their 20s and 30s who have an interest in retro bikes is astounding. This market is much more than old blokes returning to the bikes of their youth — a whole new crowd is coming on board.”


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