Road Rider Debuts in Enhanced Media Metrics Readership System

Australia’s leading road bike magazine, Road Rider, has debuted in the Enhanced Media Metrics Readership System, giving new insights into the audience reached by the magazine.

Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA) data comes from the largest survey of readership in Australia, covering 54,000 consumers each year. After a qualification period for individual publications, EMMA data is updated monthly, giving an ever-deeper capacity to profile an audience as more readers are surveyed. The debut data for Road Rider gives an audience of 52,000 readers per issue, from which some interesting demographics can be obtained.

According to EMMA:

  • Road Rider readers are a mix of ‘Sensible Traditionalists’, ‘Assertive Materialists’ and ‘Social Creatives’.
  • Gen X (people born 1966-1981) are starting to push the Baby Boomers in this sector of the market.
  • Women have entered the readership in much greater numbers than ever before.
  • The readership is spread across the social grades, with a peak in Social Grade A.
  • Road Rider readers spike on attitudinal statements like I think it is important to keep up to date with the latest gadgets”
  • Road Rider readers exercise, read (both fiction and non-fiction) and shop. They like their computers, cooking, entertaining and visiting friends.
  • Road Rider readers value formal education, feel confident about their financial situation in the future, feel confident about the economy in the future, and believe in taking steps today to stay healthy in the future.

“We’re thrilled to see the Social Grade As show up so strongly in the Road Rider readership,” says publisher Janice Williams. “This is a group of people who have perfected the art of living well and travelling well.”

The data also tells us that the health message is getting across in this community. It shows more Road Rider readers concerned about obesity, giving up smoking, recognising mental health issues, and being more proactive about their own health.

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