Sarongs, Thongs and Reading Time… Holidays and the BIG WellBeing Summer Reading Edition are right around the corner

You can feel it in the air… soon we’ll all be in sarongs and finding a great read for some meaningful ‘me time’ over the summer. That’s why the WellBeing Summer Edition is so exceptional each year – it reaches open hearts and captive minds!


WellBeing Summer Edition is promoted heavily and wins new readers. Here is a sneak peek of what’s in store:

  • Bonus circulation in holiday regions
  • Bonus circulation in spa and resort outlets
  • Airport and transit promotions
  • MASSIVE pre-Christmas subscription gift giving promotion
  • MASSIVE sale of digital editions pre-Christmas and throughout the summer holidays


The summer holiday period is a time when people reflect on their future and plan for changes, so the WellBeing Summer Edition is one that marketers should never miss.


“Our current reader survey tells us that 43% of WellBeing readers will spend more than three hours with the publication,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “34% of readers will spend between two and three hours with the magazine – you can’t get any better than WellBeing magazine, especially in summer.”


Expansion for the WellBeing Media Group in 2015


The WellBeing Summer Edition follows a big year for WellBeing. As we go to press, another WellBeing Immersion Yoga Weekend is completing in Brisbane, and the first-ever round of WellBeing Be Boxes are being shipped to eager subscribers.


The WellBeing group also launched Eat Well magazine in July 2015 – a major undertaking and a refreshing new voice in the food publishing market.


WellBeing is a magazine for the times. It offers inspiration for a lifestyle that is authentic and meaningful,” says Ms Williams. “WellBeing publishes in print, digital, online, eNews, Google News and various social media platforms, which have all brought new readers to the WellBeing community.”


For further information, contact:

Kirsti Couper – National Advertising Manager – 0417 441 821
Tracey Dwyer – Victorian Advertising Consultant –
0414 431 415
Amy Frank – Queensland Advertising Consultant – 0488 424 232
Sandy Shaw – SA & WA Advertising Consultant – 0418 806 696
Chris Middleton – Directory Advertising Consultant – 02 9887 0629