The builder is coming on Saturday … so give me quick access to the cool home stuff!

The Completehome Brochure Rack – select prime cost items

for your home project. Fast.


The Completehome Brochure Rack is a simple one-stop shop for home renovators to grab a document for discussion with their builder or architect.

People with projects can browse the brochures by category, select those they want, then do the free check-out – it’s super-easy and fast.

Having just started a renovation project herself, Publisher Janice Williams relates to the need for quick access to information. “You want the cool stuff, and you want it fast – but research is usually done in captured moments between other things. This new tool just makes it easy.”

Time-poor renovators can log-on and grab what they want – it’s free.

“With consumers also have the benefit of knowing they are using a digital resource that focusses on quality stuff for significant DIFM (Do It For Me) projects,” said Ms Williams. “We don’t do things cheap and we do have a special curatorial insight thanks to the editors and experts contributing to the site.

“We anticipate that project owners who use the brochure rack will be people with acute project needs – those far into the research funnel and ready to action. The brochure rack also helps suppliers save time,” added Ms Williams. “Every sale requires a lot of handling so digitisation helps the supplier handle enquiries and stay across who is in the market.” is the “Do-It-For-Me” Home Portal of Universal Magazines. The site offers home ideas, information and advice in 10 verticals, plus blogs and several eNews services.


For further information ring Alex Ritchie on (02) 9805 0399