Universal Magazines Announces- Shop Like A Chef

Do you know how to shop like a chef?

We hear it all the time on food TV-shows — “buy the best”, “buy the freshest”, “buy in season” — but too many home cooks just are getting cheated on the “best”.

How to Shop Like a Chef is the ultimate guide to food shopping. It explains how to source, select, store and savor the best ingredients. After all, why should only the chefs get all the good stuff?

If you eat good food when it is in season, your palette will never want to go back. Just a bit of practical information can make your home cooking really sing.

Edited by food writer John Newton, How to Shop Like a Chef is packed full of useful advice:

  • Helping you find the best meat, poultry, seafood, fruit, vegetables, herbs, cheese, deli goods, Asian ingredients and even bush tucker.
  • If you love duck, then why shouldn’t you cook great duck at home? Recognsie your Aylesbury from your Peking, and your Muscovy from your Grimaud, and cook the duck within the tradition it comes from.
  • Food preparation equipment and a look at the gear in the kitchens of Andrew Wood, Cath Kerry and Stefano Manfredi.
  • Packed with helpful lists such as where to buy the best knives, the best food markets, apple ripening dates, and a seasonal fruit and veg chart.

About John Newton

John Newton is a freelance writer, journalist, novelist and teacher. As a journalist he has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Art of Eating, The Asian Wall Street Journal, and Slow. John taught the course “Writing About Food” for the University of Technology, Sydney. He has written restaurant criticism in Australia and Spain. His most recent book is Grazing: The Ramblings and Recipes of a Man Who Gets Paid to Eat.

About Universal Magazines

How to Shop Like a Chef is published by Universal Magazines and is available in all good newsagencies, bookstores and supermarket outlets. Universal Magazines is Australia’s largest niche publisher. Universal’s 50 magazine titles include leaders in home, craft, bike and lifestyle categories, plus 12 niche websites. The company owns the Australian Publishing Company, Universal Online Media and Westwick Farrow Media. Universal Magazines is an independently owned private company.





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