Universal Magazines Bike Group – It’s About Reach

Given the recent changes in the bike publishing market, it’s time to take stock of what we invest in our motorcycle media brands at Universal.

Why? Because creating media that reflects the market is a small part of the journey – it’s what happens behind the scenes that matters.


  • The only bike media company in Australia with three full-time, dedicated, permanent, in-house circulation personnel.
  • The only bike media company in Australia with three dedicated, permanent, in-house subscription personnel.
  • The only bike media company in the bike market with magazines in nine digital supermarkets. From the App Store to Zinio, your favourite brands are there.
  • Increased formats — Cruiser & Trike supersized in 2014, Road Rider supersized in April 2015 and Dirt Action in September 2015.
  • Investing in research – Road Rider and Dirt Action with Enhanced Media Metrics Australia as of January 2014.
  • Investing in print – in the last 12 months, Motorbike Publishing Co was successfully launched.
  • Investing in digital – full suite of EDM and eNews services available for digital communicators.

We are market-focussed in everything we do when it comes to communication strategy. Look at the success of the Aussie Hard Arse Association — hundreds of blokes mobilised to do the ride.


Market Brands:

  • Australian Road Rider
  • Dirt Action
  • Cruiser & Trike
  • Australian Trailrider

Collector Brands:

  •  Rapid Bikes
  • RetroBike

Motorcycle Media

  •  How To Restore Your Motorcycle
  • How To Customise Your Motorcycle
  • My First Motorcycle
  • The Classic Motorcycle
  • World’s Fastest Motorcycles


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