Press Release – With 191,000 readers WellBeing Magazine gives you DOUBLE the audience of other natural living magazines

With 191,000 readers, WellBeing Magazine gives you DOUBLE

the audience of other natural living magazines

With 191,000 readers, WellBeing Magazine has decisively leaped ahead of Nature & Health, which languishes on 96,000 according to the latest figures to March 2014 from Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA). This means WellBeing gives you almost DOUBLE the audience of Nature & Health.

In the latest figures, WellBeing has also leaped ahead of some of the more generalist titles such as Prevention, which is on 152,000, and 39,000 behind WellBeing. “This means that advertising with WellBeing not only gives businesses a way to target consumers who are dedicated to a natural lifestyle, but simply a better deal – our 6th edition rate is less than half that of Prevention,” said Publisher Janice Williams.

WellBeing Champions a Way of Life that is Growing

WellBeing has taken the unusual position of being 100 per cent natural in its content, which means it has managed to attract younger readers to the fold. “Our younger readers are smart choice-markers – they appreciate science, they are curious about traditions, they know how the world works, they love what WellBeing stands for, and they are a growing community,” said Ms Williams. This community is yet to establish brand loyalties and is an essential market for any marketer intent on growth.

Expansion for the WellBeing Media Group in 2014


“WellBeing is a magazine for the times; it offers inspiration for a way of life that is authentic and soulful, regardless of medium,” continued Ms Williams. “WellBeing publishes in print, digital, online, eNews, Google News and various social media platforms, which have all brought new readers to the WellBeing community.” Earlier this year the group expanded its giftware range to form Moon Bird Studios, a new genre of paper-based giftware.


About Universal Magazines


WellBeing is published by the Universal WellBeing Group at Universal Magazines. Universal Magazines is Australia’s largest niche publisher and specialises in helping marketers find targeted audiences via print and online media. Universals’ 40 magazine titles include leaders in Home, Craft, Bike, and some Lifestyle categories, plus 12 niche web portals. The company owns the Australian Publishing Company and Universal Online Media. Universal Magazines is an independently owned private company.


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