Our Magazines

Magazine Media is one of the most effective ways to reach a targeted market in order to sell you product or service. At Universal we pride ourselves in helping over 4000 businesses reach their markets cost-effectively, powerfully, and without waste every single year. To see how we can help you achieve your marketing objective email here. (send to Jwilliams@universalmagazines.com.au)

Magazine Media is designed to help consumers with pre-purchase research – we research topics so consumers don’t have too.

Magazine Media reaches consumers who are ACTIVELY engaged with the subject matter, as opposed to passively consuming it.

Magazine Media is sold for a cover price – this means the audiences that buy them are purposefully opting in to the medium when they want it.

Magazine Media educates and influences reader’s tastes – by placing your brand in an influential magazine you are winning hearts and minds.

At Universal Magazines we specialise in producing magazines that reach key high-value target audiences. We reach:

  • Consumers researching for home renovation or decoration projects
  • Consumers seeking to build homes
  • Consumers who are in to natural lifestyle
  • Consumers who are engaged in craft
  • Consumers engaged in pet care
  • Consumers who are researching motor vehicles
  • Consumers who are engaged in motorcycling
  • Consumers who are researching schools
  • Specifiers who are researching for external works projects