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Bargain Shoppers Guide to Sydney


Bargain Shoppers Guide to Sydney is the smart shoppers’ bible. Our readers love shopping and love to find a bargain. They look for quality at any price.

Bargain Shoppers have done the research for them, combining the results in one user-friendly magazine designed to make shopping easier, and more affordable.

Frequency: Annual

Target Audience
Predominantly women, aged 18 – 55.

Are fashionable and follow the latest trends. Are time poor and rely on catalogue and Internet shopping to plan their purchases. Want to be put in touch with factory outlets, manufacturers, recycle merchants and retail outlets. Don’t mind traveling to find a bargain for affordably priced quality products.

The best bargains Sydney has to offer. Coverage of everything a shopper is looking for: not just fashion, but health products, lifestyle products, entertainment and food. Colour section featuring fashion and home wares. Updated and user-friendly listings that include everything the reader wants to know – succinctly and quickly.

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