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Scrapbook Creations is the largest scrapbooking magazine published in Australia. Led by a team of industry specialists, it features all the latest trends and products from Australia and the world. Scrapbook Creations covers a diverse range of paparcrafts, with cardmaking and off-the-page specials becoming a regular occurrence for this popular magazine. With a wide range of styles and techniques on display, Scrapbook Creations is bound to leave you with an abundance of ideas and the desire to capture some heartfelt memories for your family, your friends and yourself. Scrapbookers are mothers, wives, sisters and friends. It is they who have inspired the conception of Scrapbook Creations.

Frequency: Monthly

Target Audience
Female, aged 25+ with a strong sense of connection to her family and loved ones.

A blend of techniques, trends and tips on how to improve your scrapbooking, combined with interesting articles and the latest scrapbooking products.

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