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Sydney Living


The Sydney Living Series is part of the successful ‘City Living Group’ of magazines including Melbourne Living and Queensland Living. The Sydney Living Magazine is a home and lifestyle magazine for Sydneysiders celebrating all that Sydney has to offer as well as the best homes and home improvement project to help you enjoy your city even more.

The series contains editorial on city, home and lifestyle and captures an audience of readers who are enhancing their city living experience by buying, renovating or just moving into a new home.  Sydney Living also looks at who is doing what in Sydney homes. We visit the homes of local identities and find out how they created their living spaces as well as speak to top designers for their tips on how to create the perfect Sydney home.

A reader’s new home is the basis of a new lifestyle and a time of high spending on their home. The City Living Group delivers an audience that is open to new ideas about living and is ready to buy them.

Frequency: bi-annual

Target Audience: Sydneysiders who are passionate about property, home and living. Socioeconomic AB and upper C.


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