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Wellbeing Astrology


Each Year Wellbeing Magazine presents Wellbeing Astrology, a special book dedicated to what’s to come in the year ahead.  Astrology is a tool many wise people in history have turned to for guidance and insight, especially in times of change and transition. Within these pages you will find an exploration of what astrology is, as well as discussion around how the planets cycles in 2012 affect humanity.

From Editor Kelly Surtees:

“2012 is one of those much anticipated years. Amongst possible endings to the Mayan calendar and revolutionary links between Uranus and Pluto, 2012 brings many energetic shifts.  In the face of what promises to be a potentially life-changing year, I can’t help but think of the saying ‘when everything changes, change everything’.  When the fabric of what’s been certain starts to shift, the uncertainty that emerges brings opportunities to embrace change and follow your bliss, if your dare. We have designed this edition of Wellbeing Astrology to help you focus on what’s most important- you.”

Wellbeing Magazine:

WellBeing has remained Australia’s most successful natural health magazine for over 20 years and continues to grow as topics such as sustainability, organic produce and natural therapies become more mainstream. WellBeing is an inspiring read for people passionate about natural health and therapies and for those who have just begun to take an interest in the subject. The magazine maintains its credibility by only publishing articles that are comprehensively researched and written by experts in the industry. All articles inspire, educate and enlighten.

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