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Wellbeing Detox

From Editor Terry Robson

“Detox” is not just about eating fibre or even regular spiritual practice; it is about choice. It involves you choosing what will enter your life.

The word “detoxification” and the popular associated notions of cleansing have made people realise that the way we are living is not sustainable. Many now desire to cleanse their lives and in response to this quest for instant detox, a plethora of diets, supplements and gurus have sprung up. Not all of these are bad, although some are. In this publication, we have gone beyond this to examine what I think of as “true” detox.

As always in WellBeing publications, we have taken a body, mind and soul approach. We look at the diets, herbs, foods, potions and pills that promise detoxification of your body and consult experts as to what really works. We also delve into ways to detoxify your home, your workplace, your emotions, your relationships and your spirit.

Overall, detox is an ongoing process. Yes, we talk about the heroic detox events such as going on a fast and how to do it, but we also look at the things you can do every day to keep yourself free of toxins on all levels.

The 21 chapters inside include:

Detox Diets

Digestive Detox

Skin, Liver and Lung Detox

Supplements, Herbs and Foods for Detox

Juice Diets

Home, Life and Relationship Detox

Nervous System Detox


Ten Steps to Holistic Detox

About Wellbeing Magazine:

WellBeing has remained Australia’s most successful natural health magazine for over 20 years and continues to grow as topics such as sustainability, organic produce and natural therapies become more mainstream. WellBeing is an inspiring read for people passionate about natural health and therapies and for those who have just begun to take an interest in the subject. The magazine maintains its credibility by only publishing articles that are comprehensively researched and written by experts in the industry. All articles inspire, educate and enlighten.

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