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Wellbeing Organic Garden

Inside this magazine, you’ll hear from enthusiastic home gardeners, who love their gardens and they love to grow a lot of the food they eat. Whether you’ve got a inner-city backyard or a couple of hectares in idyllic countryside, you’ll find ideas inside to help you grow some or all of the fruit, vegetables and herbs for your table.

The multiplying community gardens that are springing up today have a lot to do with a grassroots interest in the environment. One of the most important things we can do to help the environment is choose what food we eat, the way it’s grown and where it’s grown.

In Wellbeing Organic Garden we show you how to encourage biodiversity, be waterwise, grow fish and food side by side, grow edible food up the garden walls, and take care of weeds and insects without resorting to dangerous chemicals — it’s all here, with advice and information from some of Australia’s leading gardeners and backyard environmentalists.

The 29 chapters inside include: Soil, Backyard biodiversity, Pests, Weeds, Growing Vegatables, Lathouris garden, Growing citrus, Urban orchard, community gardens, Planting by the moon, Water, Medicinal and culinary herbs, Hydroponics, Small space gardening, Healing gardens, and Preserves.

About Wellbeing Magazine:

WellBeing has remained Australia’s most successful natural health magazine for over 20 years and continues to grow as topics such as sustainability, organic produce and natural therapies become more mainstream. WellBeing is an inspiring read for people passionate about natural health and therapies and for those who have just begun to take an interest in the subject. The magazine maintains its credibility by only publishing articles that are comprehensively researched and written by experts in the industry. All articles inspire, educate and enlighten.

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