Universal Values

At Universal Magazines we place a high value on fostering a creative, dynamic, and responsive environment tailored to supporting our employees, clients and community.

Working at Universal Magazines

Our employees play a key role in building our business. At Universal Magazines we place a high value on creativity, encouraging ideas and enhancing professional development at every level.  Overall we reward both success and initiative.

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Environmental Sustainability

As a publisher of more than 50 magazines and more than 200 individual issues each year, Universal Magazines places environmental responsibility at the core of its business practices and values. All decisions relating to the sourcing and use of raw materials and the disposal of all recyclable materials are made with regard to this core value.

Reuse and Recycling

We responsibly dispose of our magazines: As of 2010 up to 95% of magazines that do not reach the readers and are returned to Universal Magazines are reused or recycled.  Magazines that cannot be recycled in their printed form (approximately 1%) are recycled as pulp. The inks, coatings and varnishes used on Universal Magazines’ products are also scrutinised for their bio-degradability levels to enhance the recycling process and avoid putting further strain on the environment.

We promote the responsible use of our products: Universal Magazines aims to promote the number of magazines recycled every year. Since 2009, every Universal Magazines publication has carried the ‘Please Pass On or Recycle this Magazine’ tag line. We believe that informing readers of the responsible way to use our products is the most effective way to ensure they are treated sustainably once they leave our care.

These practices ensure more magazines are disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way and less reusable materials are sent to landfills.

The Company’s commitment to recycling also extends past the treatment of our magazines. All of our warehouse cardboard and plastic is recycled. Each year Universal Magazines recycles more than 9 tonnes of cardboard waste and 768kg of plastic waste from its warehouses. Since 2009 100% of our subscription postage has been done with degradable plastic.

Our Printing Policy

Universal Magazines recognises that the only thing better than recycling your waste is to not produce waste. Towards this end we continually review our printing and sales efficiency levels to ensure that unnecessary paper copies are not printed. In 2009 Universal Magazines invested in software to better manage our newsagency allocations to reduce wastage.
Paper Procurement and Sustainable Forestry

Universal Magazines has made a constant and consistent movement towards purchasing paper containing higher and higher levels of fibre coming from sustainable managed forests.  There are numerous standards that certify if forests are being harvested sustainably and the sustainability of paper stocks. 90% of our paper stock meets the ISO 1400 standard as a minimum and the majority of our titles are printed on paper stocks meeting higher environmental standards. Universal Magazines is continually improving on the certification levels of our paper stock.

Social Responsibility

Universal Magazines values striving for a better future. Every year we partner with and support numerous charities and institutions to generate awareness and support for these important causes among our people and audiences.

Specific causes supported by Universal Magazines include:


In 2012 Dogs Life was announced as the exclusive magazine Partner of the annual Million Paws Walk a national event of 90 community walks coordinated Australia wide. As part of this event Australian dog owners walk their dog to raise vital funds for the RSPCA’s many animal-welfare-related initiatives. Dogs Life was proud to produce a separate guide to the event distributed with the magazine.

Sustainable House Day

Universal Magazines’ homes series of titles and websites united in 2010 to support Sustainable House Day, an annual Australian not-for-profit event taking everyday homeowners into highly advanced homes built to achieve great levels of energy conservation and sustainability. Visitors are then encouraged to make similar or simpler changes to their own homes to combat environmental damage.

Sustain Show

For more than seven years the Sustain Expo (previously known as the Organic Expo) has encouraged Australian families and homes to live a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. From eating locally grown produce to buying only organic, free trade and sustainable products the event has had the strictest standards and done an unrivalled job of educating and exciting us. From 2010 Wellbeing was the excusive magazine partner of this event as Universal Magazines rallied its readers to make a positive change.

Australian Architecture Association

Luxury Home Design is a long standing sponsor of this not-for-profit organisation that promotes architecture to the wider community to enhance living conditions and quality.