Our Websites

Digital Media helps businesses get the attention of the thousands of Australians who live in a digital media world. At Universal we pride ourselves in helping over 2,000 businesses get their share of attention every single year using websites, inbox, and social media.

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At Universal we specialise in producing digital strategies that reach key high-value target audiences. We reach:

  • Consumers researching for home renovation or decoration projects
  • Consumers seeking to build homes
  • Consumers who are in to natural lifestyle
  • Consumers who are engaged in craft
  • Consumers engaged in pet care
  • Consumers who are researching motor vehicles
  • Consumers who are engaged in motorcycling
  • Consumers who are researching schools
  • Specifiers who are researching for external works projects

Our services are tailored to the objectives of our clients. To see how we can help you achieve your marketing objective email here. (send to Jwilliams@universalmagazines.com.au)